Abduraimov Yergali
General Director

Yergali Abduraimov – Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor.

He was born in 1972 in Turkestan region.

From September 1992 till April 2023 he worked in RSE on PCV “Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems” having passed the labor way from laboratory assistant to the General Director.

Since 2023 General Director of the joint stock company “National Holding “QazBioPharm”.

Academic degree:

In 2001 he defended his PhD thesis and in 2016 he defended his doctoral thesis.

In 2021 was awarded the academic title “Professor” in the specialty of Biology.

State awards, honorary titles and jubilee medals:

Badge «Ғылымды дамытуға қосқан үлесі үшін» (2018).

Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology named after Al-Farabi 2021;

Medal «Халық алғысы» (2021);

Badge “Денсаулық сақтау ісіне қосқан үлесі үшін” (2022).

Cooperation with Medical Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan