Kairtay Almagambetov

In 1974, he graduated from Tselinograd State Medical Institute, specializing in medicine.

From 1977 to May 2001, he was an employee of the Tselinograd State Medical Institute (laboratory assistant, assistant, associate professor, professor of the Department of Microbiology).

From 1993 to 1999, being pro-rector on scientific work of Astana Medical University and deputy editor of the magazine «Astana Medical Journals» actively participated in training of scientific personnel of the Institute.

In 2001 he was transferred to the first deputy director general of the National Center of Biotechnology of the Republic of Kazakhstan, located in Stepnogorsk.

In 2003, he was appointed Director of RKM KN MES RK. The depository was created, which united the republican resources of industrial microorganisms, their passportization was carried out, RKM was included in the list of the International Register of Collections.

He defended his Candidate’s thesis («Influence of craniocerebral trauma on the formation of postreanimation cerebral edema», 14.00.16 – pathological physiology, Alma-Ata, 1982, scientific adviser Prof. V.G.Korpachev) and Doctoral thesis («Translocation of bacteria from intestine and its prevention by enterosorbents», 03.00.07 – microbiology, Moscow, 1992, scientific adviser Prof. V.M.Bondarenko).

In 1996 VAK RK awarded the title of professor.

Academician, member of KazNAEN since 2009. Hirsch index -3

Professor was the head of the republican scientific and technical program for 2012-2014. «Preservation, development and utilization of industrial microorganisms resources in Kazakhstan». Organizer of 3 international and republican conferences on development and use of microorganisms resources in biotechnology (Astana, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

He is also the author of more than 350 publications, including 14 patents, pre-patents and certificates of authorship and 14 monographs. A cycle of books devoted to the issues of microbiology and biotechnology of microorganisms («Fundamentals of Biotechnology», «Biotechnology of Microorganisms», «Medical Biotechnology», «Biotechnology», «Applied Microbiology») is used as additional teaching material in universities of biological profile.

Under his supervision, 22 dissertations were defended in the scientific specialties of microbiology and biotechnology, including 2 doctoral dissertations, 18 candidate dissertations and 2 PhD theses.