Introduction of breakthrough technology for the treatment of blood cancer into practical health care

February 15 this year organized a round table on the topic: “Introduction of high-tech medical care / high-tech medicine in the practical healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
In the event, chaired by General Director of JSC “National Holding “QazBioPharm” Zakarya KD. Representatives of RSE on PCV “National Scientific Center for Health Development named after Salidat Kairbekova”, RSE on PCV “National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices” MH RK, RSE on PCV “Research and Production Center of Transfusiology”, LLP “National Scientific Oncology Center”, JSC “National Scientific Center for Maternity and Childhood”, LLP “Hematology Center”, as well as scientists and experts took part in the event.
The central topic of the round table was the discussion of the mechanisms of implementation of the technology of therapy of hematological tumors using chimeric antigenic receptor CAR-T in practical healthcare.
The participants noted the effectiveness of the application of CAR-T cell Therapy technology as a modern therapy for leukemia based on the use of the patient’s own cells to destroy leukemic cells, the so-called immunotherapy.
At the end of the event a number of proposals and recommendations were developed. In particular, the round table participants noted the need to amend and supplement regulatory documents in terms of the application of “high-tech drug”/”high-tech medical care”, including a detailed mechanism for the implementation of “Car-T cell Therapy”.
It was also proposed to create a Multidisciplinary Council-Consilium at clinical centers to implement the program.